No Fluff Just Stuff RESUME


Our vision is to reduce Resume to a paragraph and Interview process to just personality and attitude test. And Twittume  will take the long and detail oriented resume format with a familiar twitter like interface.

Please read the following articles for more details.

  1. What is Twittume?
  2. How to build your resume?
  3. Why Twittume?
  4. **COMPLETE** disconnect between the interviewer and the resume. Read how to solve it.

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**COMPLETE** disconnect between the interviewer and the resume. Read how to solve it.

  1. Twittume is trying to bridge the huge disconnect  that exists between Resume and interviewer.

    Resume is high in glorification and low on details. Some people oversell their credentials and few undersell. That is why employers are overwhelmed or underwhelmed most of the time during an interview. I have seen many cases, where an interview was cut short just because the candidate was great on the resume and not so great in person.
    How will Twittume solve this problem?
    Twittume will become the result and detail-oriented resume where a candidate can enter his professional activities using short notes and hashtags. This will result in few surprises during an interview.


  2. All resumes look similar.

    Resume is template based and many people copy existing resumes and make minor changes to it. List of skills pretty much remains same for many candidates for a particular job stream. Under these circumstances, it becomes near impossible for recruiters to filter resumes. As a result, thousands of resumes match for a given job. That is why they spend less than 6 seconds per resume.
    How will Twittume solve this problem?
    Twittume goes one step further and allows candidates to provide not just skill, but a little context around that skill. Like, how you have used that skill and how you have solved problems. Using tweets (short notes and hashtags), you provide more details about your skills and tools you used and learned. This will help recruiters filter candidates before moving on to the interview stage.

  3. Updating resume is hard.

    Candidates update their resumes only when they need to apply. Since the, last time you updated your resume, you may have accomplished and learned a lot. Putting all that together in a concise form is really hard and time consuming. More often, you don’t get an opportunity to put all of your successes in a 2 page resume. Something which you are proud of and want your future employer to see. You expect to touch upon those, during the interview process. But that never happens.
    How will Twittume solve this problem?
    Twittume is ‘No Fluff Just Stuff‘ resume. It allows you to capture all of your small and big successes using short notes and hashtags. Just like Tweets, but 300 character limitation. It is now up to recruiters and employers to search them via hashtags and filter the candidates for the final interview process or to the next step. Also, keeping track of all of this in a familiar twitter like interface is painless and effortless unlike updating resume.

  4. Passive Job seekers.

    Passive job seekers are the candidates who are interested in new opportunities, but not necessarily updated their resumes or applied anywhere else. So, it is hard to target these candidates. Currently, recruiters just shoot the opportunities with their old bio data and resume. Often these candidates may have changed their contact info or changed their job stream. Also, the opportunities these passive candidates receive is based on skills that they may have used 5 years ago and are not at all interested in pursuing them.
    How will Twittume solve this problem?
    Twittume always has most recent skill information about the candidates. So, targeting passive job seekers is very accurate. We also provide job seekers an option to opt out, if they don’t like receiving the job opportunities.

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    Thanks again for reading.

Why Twittume?


I always felt that Resume as a resource could be useful for both candidates and employers. Unfortunately, the resume is a piece of junk that we all love to hate. Here is what I miss in resume….

  • I love to put all success stories small and big in a resume.
  • I hate to create multiple versions of resume one for each employer.
  • I hate to cram all skills in one place on a resume.
  • I hate the heavy emphasis on a template for my resume.
  • I hate to spend a lot of time on putting together my resume, just to make it look unique among a pile of resumes.

Unfortunately, most resumes look similar. Recruiters and employers find it harder to use and filter candidates.

That is why I came out with an idea for Twittume. Using twittume, you can add as many accomplishments and accolades as possible. There is no Template or Structure to it. It is as simple as tweeting to your private profile. Let employers search what they want using hashtags or search feature in your resume.


Do you agree that Twittume is better than Resume?
Looking forward to your feedback.


How to build your resume?


A resume has never gone through any major changes for the past 500 years. I am not kidding. Search google. Leonardo da Vinci is credited to have come up with the idea of Resume in 1482. Since then resume has remained the same.

If you look at any resume, half of it is irrelevant data. It doesn’t tell the potential employer anything about you. It is structure heavy and has all skills lumped in one place with no context.

Welcome to Twittume. We are about to change that. We are introducing a unique way to track your skills, achievements, and accolades using simple short notes and hashtags called tweets. You tweet to your private profile. See the animated image above for sample tweets.

Employers can get your personal details, employment history via LinkedIn. Twittume is where they get to know you better even before they start a conversation with you. It saves them and your precious time.

What is Twittume?

Twittume is all about keeping track of your skills, accomplishments, accolades and tasks using short notes (<= 300 characters) and hashtags aka tweets. Hashtags will help you organize and group related short notes.
Here is how your profile looks, on a mobile app or desktop, when you use our service.

Prior to twittume, one of the ways people tracked their accomplishments was to write it in a diary. Here is an article about it taking notes. Few, actually save emails and try to recollect all they accomplished at the time of performance reviews or at the time of updating resumes.

Twittume is all about easing this particular pain point and make tracking skills and accomplishments a breeze with a simpler interface.


  1. You can use these notes for your annual performance reviews
  2. You can use it for resume building
  3. and for your personal tracking.

We hope you will like it. Check our main site. Looking forward to your feedback.